Personal Training Services

Coach Kurt Training
NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
RRCA-Certified Running Coach


One-on-One Personal Training
One-on-One Personal Training includes the full in-person workout experience.  We'll start with a full evaluation of your current fitness, goals, and health.  Then we'll tailor a workout to your goals and schedule, and lifestyle.  Every workout is done with me there, so there's no chance to slack or lose your motivation, and I can constantly re-evaluate your fitness level!  Finally, if anything comes up, you have full access to me by phone or email. 

Limited One-on-One Training
Limited One-on-One Training offers all the perks of the above package without so much of... well, me.  You will get the in-person evaluation, the tailored workout program, and access by email and phone, but the workouts can be done alone or with me based on your schedule.

Group Training
Group Training workouts are geared towards having fun while working out with your best friends (or maybe your enemies!) at the gym, at home, or anywhere in between.  These workouts are targeted towards similar goals amongst the group and are meant to teach proper form and workout structure.  Exclusions may apply to those in need of more individualized attention due to injury, goals, or other factors. 

Individual Consultation
An individual consultation is a one-time meeting to evaluate your goals and present condition and suggest a tailored workout program for you.  No access or re-evaluation is included

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Happy Training,
Coach Kurt