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Coach Kurt Training
NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
RRCA-Certified Running Coach


Training Plan     
No matter whether your goal is to run a mile or an ultramarathon, I can provide you with a training plan customized to your goal, lifestyle, schedule, and fitness level.  Trust me, there's a lot more that goes into it than just the mileage!

One-on-One Training
The One-on-One Training package includes an initial in-person consultation where we'll go over your running form, a video analysis, any aches/pains, and running history.  You'll also have a weekly check ins to assess progress, access to your coach via email/phone and 1 weekly run with your coach (one hour or less). 

** This package is ideal for someone new to running or looking to tackle a new, not previously attempted goal, those who desire the extra motivation, or those who may have recurring aches and pains.

Limited One-on-One Training
Limited One-on-One Training includes everything the above One-on-One Training package has except the coach runs are once per month instead of weekly.

** This package is ideal for someone who has a previous running background, but would still prefer an occasional motivational run.

Online Training                        
Online training offers an initial consultation by phone, weekly check in and access via email/phone. 

** This package is ideal for someone out of town or for experienced runners who are comfortable with their running form and just need a customized approach to their training. 

Individual Training Run
These runs (one hour or less) can be separate from a training plan for those looking for basic form evaluation or added to your current plan for a more consistent evaluation along your roue to becoming a rock star!

** Email for pricing **

Happy Training,
Coach Kurt